Ephesians 6:17
And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
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      PowerPoint Audio Video
1 The Authority of Christ /Gradual Departure and Reformation Ron Halbrook     YOUTUBE
2 The Authority of Christ continued
Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
3 The Authority of Christ continued  Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
4 The Authority of Christ continued
NT church chart link
Stan Adams
5 Authority/Expediency Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
6 Authority/Expediency  &
Religions of the World Intro
Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
7 Islam pt. 1
Stan Adams      YOUTUBE
8 Islam pt. 2 Stan Adams   YOUTUBE
9 Hindu & Buddhism Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
10 Denominational Doctrines Introduction
Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
11 Foolish Trades &
5 Truths Many Do Not Want To Think About
Andy Alexander     YOUTUBE
12 Denominational Doctrines Catholic Stan Adams   YOUTUBE
13 Denominational Doctrines Baptist Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
14 Denominational Doctrines Methodist Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
15 Denominational Doctrines Presbyterian  Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
16 Denominational Doctrines Mormon Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
17 Lessons from the life of Joseph Steven Deaton     YOUTUBE
18 Denominational Doctrines Seventh Day Adventist Stan Adams      YOUTUBE
19 Denominational Doctrines Jehovah's Witnesses Stan Adams     YOUTUBE
20 Are There Missing Gospels? & This Saying is True, Answering Muslams with Meekness Terry Wane Benton   YOUTUBE