Ephesians 6:17
And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
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    Host PowerPoint Audio Video  
1 What Does The Bible Claim For Itself? Stan Adams   YOUTUBE   
2 The Reliability of The Bible (material from various sites etc.) Stan Adams     N/A YOUTUBE  
Does history & Archeology support the accuracy & trustworthiness of the scriptures?
Introduction To The Bible
Stan Adams    N/A  Not Available  
Back To The Bible / Study of the Bible  Stan Adams  N/A  Not Available   
Scientific Foreknowledge / God's Word, Protected Preserved & Translated  Stan Adams       YOUTUBE   
Rightly Dividing God's Word/ What Saves? Stan Adams      YOUTUBE  
What One Must Believe/ The Nature of Saving Faith (video & audio first hour only) Stan Adams         YOUTUBE   
Saving Repentance/ Saving Confession   Stan Adams     YOUTUBE   
Baptism in Water &  

Lessons From The Healing of Naaman The Leper

 Stan Adams

email us for a printout of Baptism in Water 

  Link to Lessons From The Healing of Naaman The Leper
10   Baptism That Saves & The New Birth, You Must Be Born Again  Stan Adams      YOUTUBE  
11   Once Saved, Always Save ??? Stan Adams     YOUTUBE   
12   Home Bible Study &
Correspondence Course 1
Stan Adams 

Correspondence Course
13  Home Bible Study Pt.2
A New Life In Christ &
Correspondence Course 2
Stan Adams 

Correspondence Course
14   Home Bible Study Pt.3
Prayer & The Lord's Supper
Correspondence Course 3
Stan Adams 

 Correspondence Course