Ephesians 6:17
And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
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Lesson Topic Host PPT Audio   Doc
1 The Life of Christ 1
Stan Adams      
2  The Life of Christ 2
Stan Adams      
3  The Life of Christ 3  Stan Adams      
4  The Life of Christ 4 & Jesus and Anger Stan Adams      
5  The Life of Christ 5 - The Sermon on The Mount  Stan Adams        
6  The Life of Christ 6 - The Sermon on The Mount 2
 Stan Adams        
7  Salvation by Grace Through Faith (Eph. 2:8-9)  Ron Halbrook  
8  The Life of Christ 8 - Jesus Teaches in Parables  Stan Adams      
9  Interviews with Ron Halbrook & Art Adams  Stan Adams        
10 The Life of Christ 8- New Testament Church  Stan Adams    
11  The Life of Christ 9  Stan Adams    

12  The Life of Christ 10
 Stan Adams    
13  The Life of Christ 11  Stan Adams
14  The Life of Christ 12  Stan Adams    
15  The Life of Christ 13  Stan Adams
16  The Acts of The Apostles  Stan Adams  
17  The Acts of The Apostles 2
 Stan Adams  
18  Paul’s Epistle To The Romans  Stan Adams  
19  1st Corinthinians
 Stan Adams  
20  Healing Hurting People  Art Adams    
21  2nd Corinthians
 Stan Adams
Heath Rogers
22 Galatians
 Stan Adams  
23  Ephesians Chapters 1 - 3
 Stan Adams  
24 Ephisians continued  Stan Adams