Latest Newton Sermons

Latest Newton Sermons

Love- John McIntosh- MP3

Empty Yourself- Earl Metcalf- MP3

Among The Thorns- Rick Harrington- MP3

Prayer- Jim Hopkins- MP3

Launch Into The Deep- Mike Morgan- MP3

Preaching Like Jesus- Kevin Kay- MP3

Murder One- Steven Deaton- MP3

In The Garden- Steven Deaton- MP3

That Day- Steven Deaton- MP3

Wealth- John McIntosh- MP3

Resurrection- Jim Hopkins- MP3

Casual Worship- Clint Dean – MP3

Singing- Stan Adams- MP3 

Love- Stan Adams- MP3 

Is It Possible To Identify CHRIST’S Church Today?- Stan Adams MP3

In the Cleft- Stan Adams MP3

Ahab & Jezebel- Steven Deaton  MP3

Joy Series- Stan Adams- 1 MP3 – 2 MP3  – 3 MP3

Blessed Assurance – Stan Adams- MP3

Blessings and Cursings- Stan Adams- MP3  

Keep Back Nothing Helpful- Jesse Flowers- MP3 

Intent to Follow God’s Will- Mike Morgan- MP3