2020 TV Program

We are here to Study the Bible and Serve God  Gen1-Rev.22

1.How We Got The Bible (This is a continuation of lesson 23 of 2019)
 PowerPoint 2– PowerPoint 3– PowerPoint 4- AudioVideo

2.How We Got The Bible (This is a continuation of lesson 1)
 PowerPoint 3– PowerPoint 4- Audio- Video

3.The Stages of Life
PowerPointAudio- Video

4. The Stages of Life- continued
PowerPointAudio- Video

5. The Stages of Life- concluded 
PowerPointAudio–  Video

6. – Clinging To A Bloody Coat – PDF
Does The Bible Matter: A Standard – PDF
Elementary Principles: Repentance – PDF
Great Bible Narititives: Creation – PDF
Did You Know? – PDF
Parable of the Sower – PDF

7. – Naaman the Leper – PDF
Does The Bible Matter: The Problem of Sin – PDF
Elementary Principles: Faith – PDF
The Serpent In The Garden – PDF
Did you know there are no denominations in the Bible? – PDF
   Redefining Truth 
Build On The Rock – PDF
   Redeem The Time 

8. – Grace 00:00:24PDF
A Desperate Father 00:26:24PDF
Elementary Principles: Baptisms 00:35:08PDF
Looking For A Church 1:00:11PDF
Viewer Questions 1:28:02 – 
Did You Know Rapture Is Not In The Bible? 1:37:39 PDF

9.- New Testament Study: Mt. of Transfiguration 00:01:20PDF
The Church: Organization 00:34:09PDF
Viewer Questions: Salvation by Experience? 01:01:00PDF
Elementary Principles: Laying on Hands 01:22:12PDF
History: Daniel 2 01:40:29PDF

10. – Elementary Principles: Resurrection 0:01:09PDF
Culture and Faith: Beliefs Have Consequences 0:28:31PDF
The Church: Work of the Church 1:00:38PDF
History: Who Are They? 1:22:11PDF

11. – The Church: Worship 0:02:29PDF
Elementary Principles: Judgment 0:44:35PDF
New Testament: Beheading of John 1:05:58PDF
Culture and Faith: Science Supports Creation 1:27:05 PDF

12. – New Testament: The Temptation of Christ 00:02:34PDF
Basic Bible Doctrines: The Godhead 00:45:06PDF
Salvation: Noah’s Salvation 01:07:41PDF
Old Testament: Purpose In Your Heart 01:33:52 PDF

13. – Christ: Temptation of Christ part 2 00:01:58PDF
Judgment: That Day 00:24:22PDF
Basic Bible Doctrines: Satan 01:03:46PDF
New Testament: Parable of the Tares 01:31:18 PDF

14. – New Testament: Pool of Proof 00:02:38PDF
Basic Bible Doctrines: John 3:16 00:35:05 – PDF
Christ: The Temptation of Christ (part 3) 00:53:38PDF
Culture and Faith: Intoxication 01:32:09 PDF

15. – Christ: Jesus is the Christ 00:03:13PDF
New Testament: Walking on Water 00:38:38PDF
Culture and Faith: Why This Nation Is Failing 01:00:50PDF
Basic Bible Doctrines: Without Knowledge 01:25:33PDF

16. – Salvation: What The Bible Says About You 00:03:28PDF
Christ: God With Us
Basic Bible Doctrines: Seek The Old Paths
Old Testament: Manasseh


17. – Murder One 00:03:26PDF
Build On The Rock 00:53:27PDF
Winning Battles 00:59:25PDF
Why Did David Fight 01:31:29PDF

18. – Hear 00:00:27
Believe 00:28:42
Repent 00:59:13
Confess 01:16:57
Be Baptized 01:38:35